Bongo Bongo Nageela

Bongo Bongo Nageela(通称Bongo Bongo)は、ウィリアム・フォーサイスの『Impressing the Czar』(1988年初演)の第4部にあたる作品で、長さはおよそ7分弱です。『Impressing the Czar』は、1984年にフランクフルト・バレエ団の芸術監督に就任したフォーサイスが精力的に作品を生み出していた時期の大作で、全体は5つのパートから成ります。その中の第4部がこのBongo Bongoです。

ちなみに、有名な『In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated』はこの作品の第2部にあたります。男性ダンサーも女子学生の制服を着て踊る痛快な作品です。





Bongo Bongo Nageela (commonly known as Bongo Bongo) is the fourth part of William Forsythe’s “Impressing the Czar,” which premiered in 1988. This piece is just under 7 minutes long. “Impressing the Czar” is a major work consisting of five parts, created during a period when Forsythe was producing numerous works after becoming the artistic director of the Frankfurt Ballet in 1984. Bongo Bongo is the fourth part of this work.

Incidentally, the famous “In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated” is the second part of this piece. It is an exhilarating work where male dancers also wear schoolgirl uniforms and dance.

The way you use this piece is up to you. Just enjoy dancing!

The first part is divided into seven sections, each progressing simultaneously. In the second part, everyone joins together in a circle to dance. Since the choreography includes difficult sections, feel free to arrange and adapt the movements to suit your style.

The number of dancers can be increased or decreased according to the space available, and you can also join in and dance from the second part. Those who are not confident in dancing can join from the circle dance in the second half. Enjoy it in your own way